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Water Softener Services in Amarillo, TX

Installing & Repairing Water Softener Systems

A water softener is a device that reduces minerals found in your water supply, such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals are one of the main causes of limescale buildup in your pipes and appliances, and they can also make your water have a strange taste, feel, and appearance. Stop struggling with hard water issues and reach out to Route 66 Plumbing for water softener services in Amarillo, TX. Our plumbers are equipped with the tools and training to install, repair, and service all makes and models of water softeners.

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How a Water Softener Works

A water softener is a machine that houses a chemical process that replaces hard water minerals in your water supply with sodium ions. These machines are loaded with specialized resin pellets. As water flows over these pellets, the minerals are extracted from your water and replaced with sodium ions due to a naturally occurring chemical reaction. After a while, you simply have to flush your water softener to regenerate the resin and eliminate any collected mineral waste. The more often you regenerate your water softener, the longer the resin will last.

There are truly endless benefits and advantages of Professional Water Softener Installation and Replacement Services from Route 66 Plumbing, but some of the most popular and important benefits water softeners have to offer include:

  • Eliminate Dryness of Skin and Hair: Mineral content in hard water can affect your skin and hair by drying it out. Having Route 66 Plumbing install a water softener in your home will help rid your water of excess minerals and leave you with skin and hair that is much healthier.
  • Reduces Lime Build-Up: Hard water produces limescale on plumbing fixtures, which can be quite a burden. Water softeners will eliminate limescale build-up on plumbing fixtures, showers, sinks, and tiles.
  • Cleaner Dishware: Do your dishes always seem to have water spots no matter how well you attempt to clean and dry them? Having Route 66 Plumbing install a water softener in your home can help eliminate this issue with softer water that doesn’t leave spots upon drying.
  • Softer Clothing: Hard water can leave your laundry feeling scratchy, rough, and faded. Softening your water gives you softer laundry and longer-lasting clothing.
  • Extends Plumbing Lifespan: Water softeners can help extend the life of your plumbing system by eliminating rust, leaks, and mineral buildup inside water lines. Enjoy pipes that last longer and perform better simply by installing a softener system. 

How Often Should You Service Your Water Softener?

A water softener should be serviced every year by a professional plumber. If you don't have your water softener serviced annually, you run the risk of having it fail when you need it most. A plumber will service your water softener by inspecting it, cleaning it, and replacing any parts that may be failing.

A water softener will usually last you anywhere from 10 to 15 years when properly cared for. If you notice that your water softener is leaking, not regenerating, or not softening your water, it may be time to replace it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We are here to help. Still have questions or can't find the answer you need? Give us a call at (806) 602-9702 today!

  • Can you install a water softener yourself?
    Installing a water softener can be a do-it-yourself project, but it is normally recommended that an expert install any water softeners. That way you know you can rely on the water softener to function properly and efficiently when you need it most.
  • How much does it cost to install a whole house water softener?
    The cost to install a whole-house water softener is usually just around a few thousand dollars. The exact price depends on the existing plumbing infrastructure that is already in the home. To receive a quote to install a water softener in your Amarillo, TX home, call Route 66 Plumbing today!
  • Is it worth it to install a water softener?
    In most cases, yes, installing a water softener is worth it. It is especially worth it if you notice signs of hard water in your home. Installing a water softener can prolong the lifespan of some of your home’s most important appliances. Call (806) 602-9702 today to schedule an installation with a Route 66 Plumbing technician.
  • What should I look for in a professional installer?
    The most important thing when selecting an installer is to make sure they have experience with the type of water softener system you’re getting. You should also ask about their warranty policies and what kind of support they offer after installation. Additionally, check reviews and references from past customers to ensure you hire someone reliable and trustworthy.
  • How often do I need to maintain my water softener?
    It's important to regularly inspect and maintain your water softener system in order to ensure that it is functioning properly. In general, you should plan on having a professional inspect and service your system at least once a year. Additionally, some basic maintenance tasks like checking the brine tank for salt and sediment buildup should be done monthly.
  • What should I consider when selecting a water softener system?
    When selecting a water softener, it's important to consider the size of the unit that you need based on the amount of estimated use per day, efficiency ratings, and cost of the model as well as any warranties offered by the manufacturer. Additionally, be sure to select one that is compatible with your existing plumbing setup in order to ensure proper installation and function.

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