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Water Softener Repair in Amarillo, TX

When you entrust Route 66 Plumbing for Expert Water Softener Repair Services, you can rest assured that the job gets done right. Our team of specialists are expertly trained with the skills, tools, and knowledge that is required to accurately repair your water softener. 

Our number one priority is to make sure your Amarillo, TX home’s water softener is repaired correctly and softening your water effortlessly. If you are in need of water softener repair, you can count on Route 66 Plumbing to get the job done as effectively as possible and never begin any work without your approval first. 

Call us today to receive more information, get your questions answered, and schedule your water softener repair!

Signs Your Water Softener is in Need of Water Softener Repair 

Here are the signs and symptoms of a broken water softener:

  • Cloudy Dishes: Water softeners are great for keeping your dishware clean and spotless. So if you begin to notice your dishes becoming spotty again like they were before your water softener was installed, there is likely an issue with your water softener that needs to be addressed by professionals at Route 66 Plumbing.
  • Needing Extra Soap: If you need extra soap to get a good lather while in the shower or doing dishes, particularly more soap than normal, then there is likely an issue with your water softener that likely requires professional Expert Water Softener Repair Services from Route 66 Plumbing.
  • Itchy Skin and Hair: One of the biggest advantages of a water softener is the removal of excess minerals which helps to soften and moisturize skin and hair. If you notice your skin and hair becoming itchy and dry, particularly after a shower or washing your hands, your water softener may be suffering and require professional assistance from Route 66 Plumbing.
  • Salt Replacement: You should be changing the salt in your water softener about once a month. If you notice that you’re not needing to change it at this frequency, this is a pretty clear indication that there is an issue with your water softener that will require professional repair from the plumbing experts at Route 66 Plumbing.

If you notice any of these signs, call the team at Route 66 Plumbing today to schedule your repair service!

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Water softeners are a great addition to any Amarillo, TX home, but when they break down it can cause a bit of stress throughout the household. Knowing who to trust when it comes to water softener can be a difficult decision to make - but not when you can rely on Route 66 Plumbing. 

Our plumbing technicians are fully equipped and expertly trained with the tools, skills, and experience that is required to repair your water softener correctly and efficiently. If you suspect that your water softener may be in need of repair, call the trusted professionals at Route 66 Plumbing!

Is your home water softener system experiencing issues? Contact us online to schedule your water softener repair cost estimation service today and ensure your unit is running smoothly all year long!


Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We are here to help. Still have questions or can't find the answer you need? Give us a call at (806) 602-9702 today!

  • How do I fix my water softener?
    The type of repair required to fix your water softener depends on what the diagnosed problem is with the unit. Regardless of the problem at hand, Route 66 Plumbing has the technicians with the capability and expertise to repair your home’s water softener.
  • What is the life expectancy of a water softener?
    The average life expectancy for a water softener is 10 to 15 years. Once your water softener passes ten years old and begins to need more frequent repairs, a replacement unit should begin to be considered.
  • How often should a water softener be serviced?
    Water softeners should primarily receive service when issues arise. Most water softener manufacturers recommend that their units be serviced at least once a year. Call Route 66 Plumbing to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians for any service your home’s water softener might need.
  • What causes a water softener to malfunction?
    Common causes of water softener malfunction include mineral buildup, insufficient regeneration cycles, improper system setting, and failed electrical components. Mineral buildup can occur as a result of hard water passing through the system. Over time, minerals such as calcium and magnesium can accumulate in the resin bed and reduce its ability to soften the water. To remedy this, the system needs to be flushed with a cleaning solution or regenerated more frequently. Insufficient regeneration cycles can also cause softener malfunction. Regeneration is the process of removing accumulated minerals and replenishing the resin bed with sodium ions. If the regeneration cycle is too short, the system may not be able to remove enough minerals to continue operating effectively. Improper system settings can also lead to softener malfunction. It is important for the system's regeneration schedule and salt dosage to be set according to the hardness of the water. If the settings are incorrect, the softener may not be able to provide optimal results. Finally, electrical components such as the timer or motor can fail, preventing the softener from operating properly. If any components are damaged or malfunctioning, they will need to be replaced to restore the system.
  • Is it more cost-effective to repair or replace my water softener?
    Regarding your water softener, you may be wondering if it is more cost-effective to repair or replace the unit. The answer depends on several factors, including the current condition of the unit and the amount of maintenance needed over time. If your water softener is relatively new and has been functioning properly, repairing it can be the more cost-effective option. However, if you have an older water softener that needs frequent repairs or is no longer working properly, it may be more cost-effective to replace it with a newer model. Before making any decisions, it is important to consider how much money and time you are willing to invest in either repairing or replacing your water softener. When evaluating the cost of repairing or replacing your water softener, it is also important to consider any additional costs associated with repairing or replacing the unit. For example, there may be installation fees for a new unit that should be factored into the total cost.
    Additionally, depending on how often you use the unit and the type of softeners you own, there may be additional maintenance costs associated with keeping your water softener functioning properly. Overall, the answer to whether it is more cost-effective to repair or replace your water softener depends on various factors. It is important to take into account both the current condition and long-term maintenance needs of your water softener before deciding which option is best for you.
  • What are the common problems with water softeners?
    Common issues with water softeners include clogged filters, broken brine tanks, faulty valves and seals, and worn-out motor bearings. Additionally, mineral deposits may build up on components over time and reduce the system's efficiency.

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