What are the Benefits of Having a Water Softener?

The decision to install a water softener can be one of the smartest investments you make for your home. Not only is hard water inconvenient, it can cause your plumbing and water appliances to deteriorate much faster, resulting in unnecessary plumbing repairs or replacements.

If you currently have untreated hard water in your home, a water softener can help you enjoy these benefits:

Preparing Your Amarillo Home for Water Softener Installation

If your home is a fairly new construction, you might already have a water softener loop installed. This will make it easier for us to hook up your new water softening equipment.

If you don’t have an existing water softener loop, we can retrofit your home and get it water softener-ready by adding bypass valves and installing additional piping.

Water Softeners vs. Water Conditioners

You may have come across discussions comparing water softeners and water conditioners. Both are effective solutions to hard water problems. But when it comes to eliminating the minerals in hard water, water softeners are the best option. Water softeners use salt-based technology to effectively remove mineral deposits from your water supply.

Water conditioners, while still effective, don’t completely eliminate mineral ions from your water; they simply alter (or condition) the minerals to reduce their abrasive qualities.

Our experts are happy to help you navigate your water softening options and direct you towards the best solution for your home.

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