You depend on your water heater to make your daily routine easier. Water heater problems can make regular tasks and chores (like showering and washing the dishes) inconvenient.

At Route 66 Plumbing we are committed to providing the best water heater services in Amarillo and the surrounding area. Our licensed and certified water heater experts will get to the source of the problem and help you with repairs, replacements, and even routine maintenance and tune-ups—so you can enjoy hot water without worry or hassle for years to come.

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Attention

  • Rusted or leaking tank — Is the bottom of your water heater tank rusted? Do you notice water leaking and pooling around the tank? Schedule water heater replacement as soon as possible to avoid an emergency. A rusted or leaking tank can burst unexpectedly and flood your home.
  • Strange noises — Are you hearing popping or cracking sounds coming from your water heater? Strange noises often point to mineral or sediment buildup inside the tank. This can easily be resolved with a tank flush by our service technicians during routine maintenance.
  • Fluctuating water temperatures — Is your water coming out too hot, or not hot enough? Contact us to have your water heater inspected. The problem may be caused by a broken dip tube or a faulty heating element.
  • Poor water quality — Does your hot water smell funny or look discolored? This is often caused by bacteria, rust, or sediment. We can either replace the anode rod (to fix foul odor problems) or flush the tank (to prevent discoloration in your water).

We understand that water heater replacement is a major investment for many homeowners. This is why we always offer both short- and long-term solutions that can help extend the life of your water heater until you are ready to install a new system.

When is Water Heater Replacement Necessary?

At Route 66 Plumbing we make every effort to provide our customers with the most cost-effective services. This means carrying out repairs when possible, instead of encouraging you to install new equipment.

However, if you have had your water heater for over twenty years, replacement may be the most practical option—even if your system still seems to be working just fine. That’s because, over time, your water heater tank will begin to rust and may suddenly burst without warning, causing a significant amount of water damage in your home.

If you are prepared to move forward with water heater replacement, we can supply you with the best equipment available. We carry high-efficiency systems from the major brands you trust, including A.O. Smith, Lochinvar, Navien, and Rheem.

Contact our experts today at (806) 591-1060 to request service for water heater repair or replacement in Amarillo.

BJ and Christy Tijerina are the proud founders of Route 66 Plumbing. When they’re not taking care of plumbing problems with 5-star service around Amarillo, they’re raising their 3 boys.

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