Signs You’re Dealing With a Slab Leak

How can you tell if the leak is from an indoor water supply pipe or a slab leak? While all plumbing leaks typically lead to higher water bills, mold, and water stains, slab leaks will also result in the following:

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Call Now for the Best Slab Leak Solutions in Amarillo

Our goal is to help our customers enjoy long-term peace of mind through quality service and workmanship. We prioritize your safety and comfort, and only carry out work that meets the highest quality standards.

When you choose Route 66 Plumbing, you will receive excellent service from start to finish. While other plumbers quickly leave once the job is done, we will take the time to address any concerns you may have and make sure you are completely satisfied with our services.

What to Expect During Slab Leak Repair

Although slab leaks are not common plumbing problems, they can create a large amount of damage and affect your home’s structural integrity. Avoid an emergency situation by having slab leaks detected and repaired as soon as you suspect a problem.

Leak Detection

Before we get started on fixing the leak, we will first need to determine its location and the extent of the problem. Our service technicians will use digital pipe locating equipment to identify your underground water lines. We will then conduct the leak detection using an acoustic leak detector or infrared camera.

Repair Options

After we have confirmed the leak and its location, we will go over the repair process with you and discuss the scope of work that will be involved.

Depending on how easy it is to access your water line and the extent of damage, we will either reroute your water line, perform non-invasive pipe lining, or carry out a direct repair by opening up your flooring and foundation.

Our experts will go over the various repair options in detail and make sure you receive the solution that best meets your needs and budget.

Let us help you return your home to normal as quickly as possible. Contact us today at (806) 290-7452 to schedule immediate slab leak detection and repair in Amarillo.

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BJ and Christy Tijerina are the proud founders of Route 66 Plumbing. When they’re not taking care of plumbing problems with 5-star service around Amarillo, they’re raising their 3 boys.


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