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Sewer Line Replacement in Amarillo, TX

Sewer line problems? Call (806) 290-7452 now to schedule sewer inspection and replacement for your Amarillo home.

Warning Signs of Sewer Line Problems

In order to provide you with an accurate solution to your sewer problem, we will need to figure out what’s causing it. Our team will conduct a sewer camera inspection that will give us a closer look at the issue affecting your sewer line. Common causes of sewer line problems include tree root intrusions and pipe decay. A thorough sewer camera inspection allows us to identify the extent of the problem, so we can help you determine the best course of action.

Choosing Between Sewer Replacement and Sewer Repair

Contact Our Amarillo Sewer Replacement Experts Today

Route 66 Plumbing is your local Amarillo sewer line replacement professional committed to helping homeowners enjoy long-term peace of mind and hassle-free plumbing. Leave all of your plumbing needs to us. Whether you need to replace old sewer lines, clear out your drain lines, or repipe your home, we have the skills and the technology to tackle any plumbing problem, large or small.

What to Expect During the Sewer Replacement Process

Although a full sewer lateral replacement will involve major excavation work, we will make sure the job is completed as smoothly as possible so your home can quickly return to normal.

Our excavation team will create trenches around your sewer line. We will then carefully remove the damaged sewer line and place in the new material.This is the most effective way to ensure an accurate replacement. Our team will also obtain any necessary permits and ensure that all local code and requirements are met.

Amarillo plumber tx, bushland plumber tx, canyon plumber tx, route 66 plumbing, kitchen sink plumber

Need to replace your old sewer line? Call our Amarillo plumbers today at (806) 290-7452 to learn more about your options.

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BJ and Christy Tijerina are the proud founders of Route 66 Plumbing. When they’re not taking care of plumbing problems with 5-star service around Amarillo, they’re raising their 3 boys.


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